Bike trip from Chennai to Bangalore- MAA to BLR

Finally I hit the road for my first bike trip from Chennai to Bangalore, thus striking off one of my to do item of 2016.

I take the opportunity of penning down my experience of this trip and hope it proves to be insightful to the readers. The journey began with a random selection of day over the weekend leaving me 4 days to prepare for the trip.

I tried reading some blogs to know other travelers experiences but there was very little about journeys from Chennai to Bangalore. Reading Blogs give a better understanding of what the biker needs to be prepared for.

I will write down the fun filled experience in 2 phases


Important Tips for Bikers
Based on how many kilometers have you driven in the last two months (After the service), its advisable to check the following before you leave.

1. Viscosity of engine oil. (If you have changed your engine oil in the last service and driven below 1000 kilometers, don’t need to change the oil)
2. Chain Sprockets (Front and Rear)
3. Suspension (Need not worry even if it is bad as the road is excellent)
4. Brake pads (Front and Rear)
5. Headlights and Horns
6. Tyres (Front and Rear)

Safety and General Tips
1. Don’t drive the vehicle more than 1 hour in a stretch; do not switch off the bike immediately after you stop. After you off the bike switch on only after roughly 20 mins( my personal opinion 🙂 ).
2. Start the bike only after 20 min of break.
3. Take at least 5 minutes break to do some stretching
4. Keep to the complete left lane
5. Speed Limit: City 40 – 60 kmph and Highway 80 – 100kmph
6. Always Wear Helmet and some warm gear (If starting early morning), head cap if needed, knee padding and comfortable shoes
7. Carry the original Registration papers, Insurance Papers and the PUC (Pollution under control) certificate.
8. Keep the puncture kit/ bike papers and first aid kit handy
9. Also the bike which is being used for long drives ensures its service and used before.
10. Follow rules for yourself and safety of the others
12. Do not keep the shoulders tensed while riding

Please note any other state registered private vehicle can run without NOC (No Objection Certificate) in any state for a period of 45 days. Thought this might help if you are stopped by any unruly cops.

The above outline the necessary details for Bikers, besides hat there are other things that also needs to be looked at. – Always take expert advice (talk to friends who have been on long drives as they would have tips and experiences to share)
– the fuel tank must be full never keep this for the last moment
– Check all the possible routes to travel and download offline google maps or even take printed copies as these would come handy as there would be no network at all.
– List of the restaurants along the way (there are very good ones for the foodies)
– Travel light, Don’t overeat, sufficient cash at hand, Sunglasses to protect from heat, bungee chords to tie your bag around, water, light snacks if needed.
– Be prepared for change of weather along the way so warm wear and windcheater is a must.
– Most importantly sleep well, rest enough if you plan to begin early.
– Make sure the phone is charged and you carry the chargers and power banks as well
– Weather case for your bag which is a savior if you face extreme weather along the way
– lastly you will find plenty of people who ask for lifts please do not entertain them.

I began my journey around 7.30am in the morning a bit late than my planned schedule. However it was deliberate to ensure I slept well before I start, in order to avoid fatigue and tiredness during the day.

The late start led to the encounter of the traffic in Chennai which couldn’t have been avoided. But it was indeed a pleasant sight to see joggers and cyclist along the Chennai roads.
Once I hit the NH16 route it was calm and pleasant, the drive along the road was smooth. As you journey along you come across many bikers who will accompany you.

The road is scenic with mountains, trees and the clear blue sky. There are no Speed breakers, a very clear and smooth road which is safe to ride.
As you travel along you come across the Ambur Lake which has a parallel running railway track which is fun to chase if you are lucky enough to get a train passing by, just the way i did. It was thrilling to compete as well.

At the Ambur signal there’s a spot where there are various ponds which is a nice place to take a dip to refresh. For the Foodies the Ambur biryani is a famous spot to stop by. For continental lovers there is a very good restaurant after Murogan idly.
After a nice lunch I headed to the AS85 road which is Biker’s Heaven, it’s the feeling of the Bike riding you. Spectacular views to capture for photographers but for me it was just riding and being mesmerized in the moment that made it worthwhile.
As you go along you come across Krishna Giri were it gets colder and he weather jacket is what saves your day.
Finally after 6 hrs i reached BLR.

ALL THE BEST for all the Bikers.


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