Checklist before formatting your android phone

maxresdefaultWell lately I was experiencing some sluggish performance with my android phone. So I decided to format the baby and  bring it back to life. I was sure that later down the road , I will be requiring to do same again. So thought of adding this post in the blog, so that other also can use it.

You can format the phone for other reasons as well. Maybe you install a lot of apps, and some of them are acting a little mischievous, or maybe something has just gone wrong deep down in the system where you have little chance of fixing it. At times like this, you could agonize over tweaks and possible fixes, or you could spend time uninstalling different combinations of apps. But maybe wiping the phone clean and starting over is the best overall option sometimes. Read More…

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A decade, waiting for 3G !

Finally 3G is actually hitting the streets of India. Slowly,but for sure. Now, if you are mistaken 3G for a mobile technology that will revolutionize the overall mobile experiance then I ‘m sorry for you,my friend. Why? The reasons are several.

Lets begin with “3G” itself. First of all , it’s not a technology.It’s a generation of standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunication services. According to 3G as a “standard” it must fulfill the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) specifications by theInternational Telecommunication Union. Application services include wide-area wireless voice telephone, mobile Internet access, video calls and mobile TV, all in a mobile environment. To meet the IMT-2000 standards, a system is required to provide peak data rates of at least 200 kbit/s. Read More…


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facebook down

Facebook was down now. It was up soon but was draggingly slow. Search was not working. I hope its not hacked, like what had happened with twitter the other.
Just in case if you are wondering what is this dude talking about, let me tell you that twitter was hacked, very recently. They hacked twitter and wrote “I am a nice pirate”. Huh? Thats it?? Oh! I left the most important part. They wrote the message from Mr.Obama Barracks account ! Wow! That sounds cool. Read More…

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