jeswin augustine

Hi all,

I ‘m a computer science graduate from Karunya University and I ‘m a developer/designer. Born and brought up in India, I have worked with clients all around the globe.This blog serves as an informal and unorganized repository of things I ’ve worked on in my free time. It is mostly about programming for the web and sometimes for desktop application.

Though this is primarily a technical blog about the design, implementation and use of programming languages, I’ve occasionally involved myself in learning how to generate traffic to a website. This blog is going to serve me with all the experiments I do to drive traffic to few of my other websites. So, you can learn few tips and tricks in that section, and hopefully you can earn some $$$ with my help !

When I’m not designing and implementing programming languages I can be found playing DoTA, an online multi-player game for which i maintain another blog, DivineDota. But, that doesnt make me a total “inside-room” guy. I love to spend time with my parents, attend weddings, and go out for adventure trips. I love sound of rain and enjoy with a cup of tea in my hand. I adore musics of all kind, usually I love to code with a headphone on ! (Keeps me out of stress)

That’s a short version of me . Stay tuned to learn more. To contact me , you can fill out the form and hit “Send” !

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