jeswin augustine

• Accomplished Individual Contributor with expertise in coding, application designing, defining architectures and successful project delivery in the field of Computer Networking and Telecom.
• 10+ years of professional experience which includes 7+ years in development, 3+ years of technical management team and 1+ years in building Machine Learning models for L2/L3 devices.
• Patent pending for solutions for enhancement of OSPF Protocol using regression modeling.
• Pursuing Master’s in Machine Learning and AI with LJMU.
• CCNA Routing and Switching certified (CSCO12947936).
• Hands-on experience in Machine Learning techniques, such as logistic regression, naïve Bayes, SVM, decision trees, random forests, NN, DL, CNN and Reinforcement learning.
• Managed team of 17 engineers for Cisco NG3K platform software development and sustaining.
• Lucid understanding of Cisco IOS(IOS-XR and IOS-XE), Cisco DNA architecture and Aruba OS
• Good knowledge in L2(ARP, STPs, VLAN, VTP,MPLS), L3(OSPF), TCP/IP and UDP Protocols.
• Highly detail oriented, self-managed and organized, pay specific attention to technical details.
• Experience of developing scalable/commercial networking applications.
• Excellent communication skills and experience of working in a Cross-Geo team.
• Multiple Onsite experiences with Samsung Electronics at Suwon, South Korea and Frankfurt, Germany.

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