Call to undefined function the_content_limit()

I came across this annoying error while making this blog. I just wanted to excerpt the content in the main page and append a “Read More” tag having permalink to that post. Thanks to wordpress for being so simple to understand. I figured it out in minutes. Hope this will help some one out there. Here is the solution ,

Step 1: Open this page

Step 2: Copy the contents of the page.

Step 3: Open up notepad/wordpad or any other text editor,

Step 4: Paste the copied content and save it.

Step 5: FTP to your WordPress server and navigate to the wp-content/plugins directory

Step 6: Transfer the file.

Step 7: Then go to the Plugins section of your WordPress Admin panel.

Step 8: Sort the ‘Inactive’ plugins and find the plugin titled “Limit Posts” .

Step 9: Click ‘Activate’… and you’re done! As simple as you can get!

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